Northwest MMD wants Felix Mutati to takeover as party president





Following the MMD Provincial Executive Committee of Northwestern Province Meeting held on Saturday 15 October 2011, we wish to state our position as resolved.

As an Executive, we are very concerned with the manner our Party has continued to run after that painful defeat by PF in the 20 September 2011 elections.

First and foremost, we wish to congratulate in earnest his Excellency Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata, the President of the Republic of Zambia for the historic victory of the 2011 elections. We can only wish President Sata all the very best as he champions the cause of leading our beloved country to greater heights. The MMD became over drunk with power and became too complacent and familiar with governance tenets at the expense of the plight of the many needy Zambians. Today there is a new dawn and it is only right to say thumbs up to the winner of another milestone election victory in the history of Zambia’s growing democracy in President Sata.

As MMD in Northwestern Province, we are not comfortable and happy with the way our top leadership is handling the party affairs after that painful defeat orchestrated by lack of foresight. There has been no postmortem to date to review where we went wrong, though it is a known fact, and chat the way forward. The truth of the matter is that we know where we are coming from but we do not know where we are going. There is absolutely no direction from the Party hierarchy. It appears the same rigidness in our leadership that led to our humiliating loss has continued and they do not want to come to terms with reality. It is common knowledge that the wind has changed and there is new a government in place of PF under the leadership of President Sata. As such there is need for Rupiah Banda to wean off partisan politics and retire.


As the Provincial Executive Committee of Northwestern, we have resolved as follows;


  1. That Rupiah Bwezani Banda relinquishes unconditionally his position as president of MMD with immediate effect and retires from active politics as enshrined in the constitution of Zambia for a former Republican President.
  2. That the National Chairman, Michael Mabenga, and the National Secretary Major Richard Kachingwe respectively resigns on moral grounds for lamentably failing to run the party.
  3. That let a mini convention be convened in a quickest possible time in order to usher in new leadership with a fresh mandate to chat the way forward for MMD as a party.
  4. That let the ill fated removal or abolishment of Vice Presidency of the party be re-installed immediately
  5. That let Hon. Felix Mutati assume MMD Presidency in an interim capacity as we wait for the extraordinary convention. In the same vein, we resolve that let Hon. Kabinga Pande subsequently assume Vice Presidency of MMD whilst Hon. Situmbeko Musokotwane should be our new National Chairman. Mrs. Lumba Kalumba should assume the role of National Secretary.
  6. That the rumoured looming PACT between UPND and MMD should be left to the grassroots in all nine provinces to decide. We should not only limit ourselves to UPND but any other progressive political party with national appealing including PF itself if necessary. It is illogical to think of going into a political PACT now when we have not even put our house in order. Parliamentarians however can form a working group within its flanks with UPND with a view of giving checks and balances in Parliamentary and not unnecessarily frustrating PF government’s policies.
  7.  That no amount of disciplinary action should be meted against MMD MPs that have been appointed by President Sata in ministerial positions. If anything, President Sata must be recommended for governing beyond partisan politics by forming an all inclusive cabinet with members of other political parties. It is a clear indication that President Sata is not bent on politicking all the time but he has drawn a line between partisan politics and development. In this we say it is the true reflection of unity of purpose for development for mother Zambia. Making any attempts to frustrate the MPs that have been appointed will be suicidal and to the detriment of development every Zambian is yearning for regardless the party in power


We thank you




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