Northwester votes not for sale

Northwester votes not for sale

Dear NorthWesterners.
Greetings from ” son of SOIL.”

I’m urging you to Guard and Protect your VOTE jealously as your VOTE is NOT for SALE.

All- over suddenly, barely,a hundred and twenty one days to August 12 Elections, someone from LUSAKA comes with a 90kg bag stacked with K600,000 to buy your VOTE, when since 2016 there hasn’t been any meaningful development- NO STRATEGIC PLAN for the North Western—– SHAME
Where was Hon. Joseph Malanji to parade you with K600,000?
GET it and chew it,but GUARD and PROTECT your Vote.
VOTE wisely on August 12.

Fact File, NORTHWESTERN is the least developed in terms of Infrastructure with a lot of old infrastructure dilapidated as seen below and lamentably NO single new infrastructure.
List of some old infrastructure:
– Solwezi- Kipushi( Mushindamo) Rd,
– Solwezi Tech. Secondary school.
– Solwezi Gen. Hospital ( No Central Hospital in the Province)
– No University
– No International Airport

-Mutanda- Chavuma Rd
-Kasempa- Kaoma Rd

-Solwezi- Mwiniluña- Ikeleñi Rd to Jimbe
– Mwiniluña Gen. Hospital
– Mwiniluña Sec. School ( old man 1966)
– No Airport
– No Infrastructure, Zambezi River Source for tourism
– West Lumwana- Kakoma- Kolwezi Int. Rd

All Old infrastructure in the Northwestern is dilapidated.

Most teasing and annoying is the infamous much publised Kavindele North WEST Railways from Chingola to Jimbe- Angola (No single tree cleared despite being told millions of dollars have been sourced for the project).

Where was Hon. Joseph Malanji to come this late hour with a bag stacked with k600,000 to buy Northwestern VOTE?
EAT,eat eat chew that money.
Owu mali yidenu
Awo mali jayi
Owu mali lyenu/////

Good morning ZAMBIA.

Issued by
” Son of SOIL”
Charles Kafumbo
[email protected]
Zddm Vice President

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