Northwestern on brink of tribal wars due to PF educational policy

POLICE officers in Zambezi district yesterday dispersed a group of Luvale speaking people of Zambezi district as they staged a march to the District Commissioner’s office in protest against the revised education curriculum.

Police called the gathering as unlawful assembly as the gropu attempted to seek audience with Zambezi District Commissioner Catherine Mukuma over the revised education curriculum.

The Luvales who arrived at the Administration block at 09:30 hours found police officers from Solwezi and Copperbelt’s Kamfinsa Mobile Unit in a full riot gear and were dispersed for unlawful assembly.

North-western Province Police Commissioner Eugene Sibote explained to the group that in future if they plan to stage a protest, they should write to the officer in charge of police who will later allow them or not.

Mr. Sibote said that unlawful assembly is a crime and advised the Luvales not to break the law.

And the delegation leader for the Luvales Yona Mbalakanyi said the group had no intentions of staging a protest but only wanted to see the District Commissioner because they had an appointment with her which they made last week when they went to her office.

Pastor Mbalakanyi said that the Luvales wanted to see Ms Mukuma over the letter that the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Chishimba Nkosha dated February 26, 2014 that the revised curriculum would be conducted by the zones in the district.

He said the Luvales are not agreeable to the decision that government had passed saying that they were going against the policy they announced earlier about using the language of play from pre- school to grade four.

He said Zambezi was divided in to two zones but the schools in the east bank had more Luvale pupils than Lunda.


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