Northwestern PF chairperson suspended for corruption

Northwestern PF chairperson suspended for corruption

Patriotic Front Sectetary General Davies Mwila has suspended the party’s chairperson  for North western province Jack Kungo.

Kungo is involved in massive corruption and fraud using president Edgar Lungu’s name. But instead of handing him over the police , the PF will send senior thieves from Lusaka to go and investigate the small thief.

According to Sunday Chanda, Patriotic Front Chairperson for Legal affairs, Brian Mundibile will on Saturday 25th April 2020 go with Nicksom Chilangwa, Syacheye Madyenkunku, Mulenga Chewe Kampamba, Andrew Lubusha and some Alick Tembo to go and investigate Kungo.

Kungo is the person whose name Sunday Chanda has been using to insult HH , NGOs and the churches

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