Northwestern ready for separation, next step is to agree on boundaries

Northwestern ready for separation, next step is to agree on boundaries

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have posted an article to you following my earlier request. Some elders in the North Western Province sat and after some resolutions, I was assigned to write that article and post it to you.zambezi_river_source

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The proposal of separation of states that was brought forward in the press release by Max Chongo on Sunday 4th September 2016 which,  no doubt was approved by Edgar Lungu and the PF at large is more than welcome. The people of North Western Province wish to thank the PF and Edgar Lungu for willingly and faithfully making the proposal as it is long overdue. We are also aware that one of the traditional leaders in the north was quoted in one of the media declaring that his tribesmen and all of their other traditional leaders were in support of the PF and Edgar Lungu. This was during the petition period.

As people of the North Western Province, in our subscription in support of the proposal noted the following:

Since reintroduction of plural politics, the voting pattern has been that the North East of Zambia has never supported a presidential candidate from any other province but only those from their areas (North or East). Even during Kaunda’s regime, we had our fathers and mothers who were deployed to serve in those provinces being sent back while those who were brave enough to endure the mockery were either killed or threatened. The tolerance by those from our region has been taken for granted yet it has been the reservoir of peace and unity. The ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION covenant has been taken as an empty slogan to benefit those from the North and East alone while it has been applied to oppress our region North Western Province. We have had enough and we shall not take a bit of such anymore.

The equitable distribution of National Resources as provided for by the Supreme laws now and even before has never been honoured. As a result, our province has remained disadvantaged in terms of development. During Rupiah Banda’s regime, was saw a launch of an ethnocentric agenda where Northerners and Easterners were deployed deliberately into local councils in North Western Province with the view of grabbing land and strategically preparing for election rigging. All these steps have been an assault on the peace, love and unity that those of us in North Western Province had respected since 1950s. We shall never again tolerate this.

The August 11, 2016 polls have said it all. There is No Zambia as in one national. The voting pattern and the unfortunate evil grabbing of power simply indicates that certain ethnic groups were not in support of oneness in the nation called Zambia but rather had taken Zambia as an instrument to use in achieving selfish desires. The only Supreme Law of the Land (Constitution) which we expected to be honoured by all Zambians so that we could foster respect for all is now in the bin. What else really can we discuss? Elections are technically banned just like the private media. This simply means that we cannot express ourselves either by a vote or in the media. We are not ready for further disrespect, mockery or any form of deceipt.

The open declaration by the traditional leaders in the North to support Edgar Lungu’s stolen victory in the August 11 polls is a clear subscription of them to injustices, corruption and inhuman practices which as a people we are not ready to be part of.

Given the proposal by the PF and the noted issues above and many more that we will be sharing in due course, we support this proposal and we are already getting in motion to ensure that we all achieve a positive outcome from that proposal. We are warning the PF and others to respect this proposal since they (PF) brought it to us themselves, as for us we thank them.

In view of the aforesaid, we are submitting that:

The first agenda that parliament should start with as they open is to arrange for a Conference where we shall discuss the boundaries and agree on other matters that will follow.

In the time being, any foreign investment agreement in North Western Province should be discussed openly with all local stakeholders.

We are advising that recruitment of public workers should go ahead but only North Westerners should be assigned into the province, this is to avoid service breakages in the near future.

This is a peaceful proposal as brought forward by PF and so all security and defence wings should provide protection of the process

We thank you all.

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