Northwestern wants federal state

Delegates at the just-ended Provincial Constitution Convention in North Western Province have unanimously resolved to change the system of governance from a unitary to a federal state.

Three traditional leaders, namely Chief Munjimanjovu, Senior Chief Kanongesha and Chieftainess Nyakuleng’a submitted that a unitary state does not blend well with some clauses in the preamble of the draft constitution such as commit, recognise and uphold.

They further submitted that a unitary state was a recipe for dictatorship.

And Solwezi Central Member of Parliament, Lucky Mulusa, submitted that the people of North Western Province stood for a federal state.

He said that even if a federal system of governance was not adopted nationally, history will remain to the future generations to learn that the people of North-Western Province stood for it.

Meanwhile, Committee Member, Mwangala Zaloumis, said the draft constitution was written based on a unitary State, hence certain elements will have to be redone.

Ms Zaloumis explained that if the whole nation adopted a federal system of governance then the whole draft constitution will have to be revisited.

And Professor Patrick Mvunga explained that the previous constitution commissions, namely the Mvuinga, Mwanakatwe and Mung’omba have adopted for a unitary State.


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