Not all of us are thieves-Cifire

Angela Cifire dancing with some ZNBC employee

Deputy Youth and Sport Minister Angela Cifire on Monday lashed out at the local media for what she termed as persistent negative portrayal of the country.

Speaking on Monday in the capital Lusaka, she said that it was sad to see how much damage to the country the local media had done which had contributed to discouraging potential investors from coming to Zambia.

It was unfair for the local media to portray all government ministers as thieves just because of the office they held, she added.

She claimed that it was near impossible for government ministers to steal government funds because of the stringent processes in place that made it very difficult to move government funds from one place to another.

But she said the local media had made it seem like government funds were easy to pilfer and gave the country’s major donors the impression that the government had very weak control systems in place.

The country has been rocked by a series of scandals in which millions of US dollars of public funds have been stolen either through bogus payments or double payments in some ministries, leading the media to condemn the practice as poor oversight by the ministers.

Several civil servants are currently in courts of law charged with stealing millions of dollars of public funds meant for various projects, including purchase of drugs for hospitals

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