Nothing president Sata does surprise us

When, some tabloid screamed “I will cry if Sata wins, RB”, we at the Watchdog, prophetically, understood the former President’s predicament.

When he, ironically, offered tearful congratulations to the former Victoria Station Sweeper, and gracefully bowed down in defeat, we knew, only too well that he was doing so for the less than 50 + 1 percent Zambians, who had believed Sata’s Donchi Kubeba message and voted for him.

While the myopic celebrated in the aftermath of that September 2011 election, our apt editorial described the moment as “Sata and the foolishness he will bring”.  In this editorial, we envisioned a chaotic Zambia under this man, and catalogued all the comedy, which he is made of.

Kenneth Kaunda, who is now being tossed around like a sorry PF cartoon due to his old age, once described Sata as a man who cannot be trusted saying:  “I know him very well; he cannot do well as President because he is not presidential material at all”.

True to Kaunda’s words, the man at Plot One has turned himself into an endless advertisement of a rabid dog, barking at diplomats yesterday, tearing himself over online publications today and mauling the opposition tomorrow. This man is running the affairs of this country in a witch hunt style only seen in Hitler’s time. He has since installed himself the complainant, the lawyer and the judge at the same time so much so that if the dictionary was to be revised today, and if you were to check under the word dictator: it will say Sata.

Even though we underestimated the foolishness that this man was going to bring, at least we foresaw this chaos, here at the watchdog. And things are shaping up in that hidden messages that were not told even to the many PF internal and external donors. We are surprised that people, especially those in the diplomatic community are today surprised with President Michael Chilufya Sata threatening them to pack their bags and go faster than they came if they interfere in Zambia’s internal affairs. What surprises us why people expected anything different from his well-known turn-arounds. We are also at a loss to figure out as to whether it is Sata who is so clever to know that Zambians easily forget or it is him who easily forgets.

Michael, as he is fondly referred to by his worshippers, the once king of meeting and crying out to donors is today telling us never to meet these people because they are ‘bad’. For us Michael is the best academician in this score who deserves his missing link in life, a degree in turning around 160 degrees on any issue. We sincerely believe Michael owes Zambians a length tutorial on how ‘foreigners’,  especially Western donors, can now be danger to Zambia’s affairs because he was literally ‘sleeping’ with them as an opposition leader a few months ago. One thing that either Sata or Zambians forget

is that each time he met diplomats, including US Foreign Secretary, Hillary Clinton, his handlers did not do a good job because it was a huge public relations stint that was flashed on their front pages.

The only ‘foreigners’ Michael despised that time were the Chinese who he conveniently insulted for abusing the majority Zambian voters working for Chinese companies. And we believe that could have been the motivation for some Western donors to back him in many areas including financing PF Non-governmental Individuals (NGIs) that managed the PVT because Michael had promised to sort-out the Chinese in preference for them.

Again while we were not surprised, some Western donors were surprised that the first diplomat Michael met was the Chinese Ambassador, later feeding more than 200 Chinese nationals at State House, followed by a high powered delegation led by ceremonial Vice-President Guy Scott,and ‘Minister without Portfolio’, Wynter Kabimba to China.

Perhaps the current Zambian opposition parties should also learn and use a lot of Michael’s duping, donchi Kubeba, trickery, and dishonest tactics for their short walk into plot one.

For us at the Watchdog, we understand Michael very well partly because, while he may not be very conversant with using computers, the majority of his current senior people in government were the main contributors of sometimes very insulting comments on Ruppiah’s government. If we were not bound by ethical considerations of our bloggers, we could easily prove by publishing some of their unpleasant comments on our blog with the ISP addresses they were using.

Today our ‘former colleagues’ are ruthlessly on us with two extreme scenarios, open fire with blazing gun if we continue what we are doing, or get a hip of offers such as jobs and cash if we abandon our mission like others have done.But luckily for us, we don’t owe any bank any money to seek for their favours by corrupting government institutions and run a parallel government full of matrixes. Anyway, for those who are surprised with the turn of events, us we are surprised Michael has surpassed our expectations in this movie. We expected the comedy to reach climax from the date of inauguration.Based on our earlier judgement, we can actually give Michael an A+ rating because we did not expect him to ‘behave well’ so far.

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