Nothing to celebrate for on labour day

Nothing to celebrate for on labour day


The current rate of unemployment and job loses in our country is worrisome. Big dependable companies are laying off workers on daily basis due to some taxes the Patriotic government introduced to supplement their deficits.

Just this year alone, Kalumbila mines sent off thousands of miners on force leave. Avic International is another company struggling to keep their workers due to current regime’s less supportive environment for companies to continue running smoothly.

The ongoing retrenchment of workers under the PF government has become a daily bread and so – called leaders seems to be not unconcerned. One retrenched worker has more than two people to look after in their various homes.

Our economy is on its knees and there is no sign of recovery as both internal and external debts keeps on increasing. The single dollar will soon hit K13 but still some people can not see that PF is heading this country into a ditch.

We would have joined those celebrating labour day had Edgar Lungu and his visionless minions created those 500, 000 jobs he promised unemployed youths. Nurses and teachers are languishing with their qualifications waiting to be posted unfortunately the government is blind and deaf to hear their cries.

We need a government in place that will be able to create job opportunities, supportive environment for business and prioritise education.

Celebration can not go well with empty stomach. People has electricity tariffs, corruption, broken down rule of law to worry of. Let government coffers looters celebrate this day while ordinary citizens who voted for them continue fighting for hard earned coins.

UPND Fixing Team.

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