Nothing to do: Nkunika and Malupenga discuss online media

Government has cautioned the media in Zambia not to abuse the freedom of expression but use it responsibly, according to ZANIS, the PF government propaganda news agency.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Bizwayo Nkunika observed that some online media houses publish insults and not positive criticisms.

Nkunika was speaking when Information Permanent Secretary, Amos Malupenga who is currently loittering in Europe using tax payers money, visted him at the Zambian High Commission in London.

He cited a recent case at the London Olympics in which a journalist was charged for insulting a sports person.

And information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga told the High Commissioner that there was need to put a stop to the unpalatable language that some named online media houses were using.

Malupenga, who has a certificate in journalism, expressed concern that the language being used is not good for the country’s development.

He observed that although the United Kingdom is among the leading countries in the world that promote freedom of expression, British citizens are treated accordingly.

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