Nothing to say on PF killings, Sata resumes fight with Bemba elders

Nothing to say on PF killings, Sata resumes fight with Bemba elders

Bemba chiefs

Bemba chiefs

Without saying anything on the violence and deaths currently happening in the ruling PF, ailing dictator Michael Sata has decided to resume his fight with the Bemba Traditional Council.

The whole country and world is waiting for Sata to say something on the violence that resulted in deaths, instituted fear to the public and disrupted business in Lusaka on Thursday. But Sata is more concerned about being obeyed.

He has sent an agent to go and tell the Bemba Traditional Council not to install Henry Sosala as paramount chief Chitimukulu

Patriotic Front Northern Province chairman Everest Chela has revealed that he has been engaged by Sata to go and tell the traditional council not to install their paramount chief.

The Bemba Tradition Council set November 15 as the date on which Mr Sosala’s coronation as paramount chief Chitimukulu would be held.

Sata does not recognise Henry Sosala as paramount chief Chitimukulu or even a junior chief as he degazzeted him as chief Mwamba.

Sata and Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Nkandu Luo are working on a scheme to impose a fellow Bisa as Chitimukulu. This is part of Sata’s Muchinga project. (A detailed analysis of Sata’s Muchinga project will be published here later)

‘The two want to impose Bob Luo, Nkandu Luo’s brother who is currently chief Chibesakunda of the Bisa people. It should be remembered that Nkandu Luo’ mother is the elder sister to embattled chief justice Lombe Chibesakunda.

But a member of the Bemba council says the instalation of Sosala will go ahead as scheduled.

“We have sent invitations to members of the royal family and a free pass to all subjects wishing to attend. Government has also been invited It’s up to them to decide whether they will join us or not. It is is like a wedding invitation. One can choose to either attend or stay away.”

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