Notorious lawyer Mosho closes another company

Notorious lawyer Mosho closes another company

Notorious lawyer Lewis Mosho, in an attempt to siphon money out of the Israeli billionaire owned Gemcanton Mine in Lufwanyama has placed the company in liquidation through a dubious obtained court order. Mosho has joined the team of lawyers working with Abdoulaye Ndiaye or Gunase to take away shares from the Israeli partners in the emeralds mine.

Frango Finance Limited, a company owned by billionaire Lev Leviev, and registered BVI has been put under liquidation in Zambia when it is not even registered in Zambia and has no offices or operations. The company only owns 50 percent shares in Gemcanton Investment Holdings Limited.

According to newspaper advert, Frango has been put in liquidation by Mosho using Kitwe High Court Judge Timothy Katenekwa who did not even hear the owners of the company who are based outside Zambia.

Mosho has appointed Joseph Chilinda, the CEO of Edgar Lungu Presidential Initiative for Marketeers as liquidatorof the Israeli company in a bid to take over the shares and give to Abdoulaye Ndiaye also known as Gunase.

Gunase owes the Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev UDS50 million after he was paid the cash but failed to deliver the emeralds as per contract. The international court of arbitration ordered Gunase to refund the money but now he wants to chase the Israeli from the mine.

Mosho is using the same script he used to liquidate the post by getting a court order and appoint provisional liquidator so that the shares can be taken away.

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