Now bankrupt PF to pay civil servants money from their pension contributions

Panicking about the repercussions of postponing hunger for civil servants from September to possibly October, the PF government has now hinted that they might be able to pay their salaries next month.

But information reaching the Watchdog now indicates that the bankrupt regime now intends to get money from social security institutions particularly National Pension and Saving Authority (NAPSA) which keeps money for retirees.

Sources said the PF government have now found a loophole in NAPSA and may get funds remitted by various organisations and institutions in the country for their employees when they retire and start using it, hoping to recover it sometime in future in a typical fili uko tuleya (whatever happens in future).

“You know, these people’s calculations now is that since they have increased the retirement age to 65 years, not many people will claim their benefits this time and so the money can be used this time around to meet today’s needs, whatever comes tomorrow, will sort out itself than having strikes,” sources said.

Sources have also disclosed that the PF government on its part has actually been defaulting in remitting funds to institutions like NAPSA despite cutting the money from civil servants pay slips.

In a statement by ailing dictator president Micheal Sata’s uncle Alexander Chikwanda, he complained that some government institutions were keeping too much money in the banks and government ended up borrowing its own money from banks which was not correct.

So far, more credible former finance ministers Ngandu Mangande and Edith Nawakwi have all confirmed that their is a huge budget deficit in the country.

Even cooperating partners have voiced the same concern and have since halted their budget support for this year due to reckless spending and poor governance and human rights record.

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