Bembas mobilise themselves to fight and defend Chitimukulu against Sata’s police

People in Kasama have mobilised themselves to repel president Michael Sata’s more than 500 Zambian police and other security officers that have been sent to the Chitimukulu palace.

Highly placed sources have told the Zambianwatchdog that the Bemba speaking people have started shifting to the Chiefdom saying they are ready for battle and possibly die together with their anointed Chitimukulu, Henry Sosala, who dictator Sata has dethroned.

“It’s becoming tense here. This morning senior Bemba men started mobilising people and calling all Bembas to go and camp at the palace in readiness for anything police might want to do to the anointed Paramount Chief,” a highly placed source has just told the Watchdog.

President Sata has been accused of wanting to install a fellow Bisa, who is also a brother to Chiefs and Traditional Affairs minister Nkandu Luo, a move that has incensed the Bemba speaking people.

Early this year, the Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE) defied Sata’s orders and went ahead to install Chief Mwamba, Henry Sosala, who he (Sata) had dethroned.

Sata is already fighting another uprising in Western province of Zambia where the Barotse speaking people want to secede from the rest of Zambia following the unfulfilled promise by Sata to honour the 1964 Baroste Agreement despite having promised them.

There is also a growing uprising within the governing ruling PF government following the deadly and bloody succession battles between the camp led by Defense Minister Geoffrey Mwamba and Sata’s favoured camp of Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and Post newspaper owner Fred Mmembe.
The Bemba Royal Establishment was supposed to hold the public enthronement ceremony for the paramount chief after he had been installed as the Mwine Lubemba but cancelled the celebration after the State unleashed 500 paramilitary police to interfere with the ceremony.
Meanwhile the traditional leaders have confirmed that the Head of State had refused to withdraw over 500 armed paramilitary police officers stationed in Kasama district and at the Chitimukulu palace until the cancelled meeting took place.


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