Now broke PF government plans to withdraw allowances from civil servants

Government has withdrawn responsibility and extra duties allowances from teachers for the periods when the schools are on recess, Kabwe District education Board Secretary (DEBS) Sunday Mwape has disclosed.

During the swearing in ceremony for invigilators yesterday at Paglory Teachers College in Kabwe, Mr. Mwape disclosed that the allowances will only be paid when schools are running, contrary to the collective agreement which is still effective. The remarks angered teachers who almost boycotted the activity and vowed to vote PF out of government next year.

Ordinarily, teachers do not close even when schools are closed there is always some teachers on rotation basis who are assigned to work. They have also been informed that because they were paid in May and August, they will not be paid their allowances in October.

And a source from Cabinet office has disclosed that the withdrawal of allowances and the funeral grant will be spread out to all civil servants through a circular which is being prepared. The source said that government wants to tell civil servants that they are doing this so as to save on expenditure.

To fool the already ill motivated civil servants who are just coming from a wage freeze, they will be told that President Edgar Lungu has led the cost saving initiative by forfeiting a Presidential house and all civil servants must follow suit. But even if Lungu said that the country should not build him a retirement house, the money he gets from corrupt activities would enable him build or buy mansions.


“This scrapping of allowances is not only restricted to teachers but to all civil servants and that is why the President during his speech to parliament he decided to give up the retirement home package so that he may be seen to be taking the lead, but he makes a lot of money which can buy or build him mansions,” said the source.

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