Now Chama sets ACC on Muyenga Atanga

Now Chama sets ACC on Muyenga Atanga


PF secretary general Davis Chama wants Anti Corruption Commission to investigate outgoing Zambia Railways managing director Muyenga Atanga of financial crimes in the company.

Over K2,5m advance payment is believed to have been paid to BUK limited for the procurement of a crusher for supplying Ballast to the company.  But Atanga says the payment was sanctioned by Elijah Nyirenda, the director of finance who died mysteriously after refusing to divert over K250,000 to President Edgar Lungu’s 2015 campaign. See how Nyirenda was murdered by the PF here

And Chama has rubbished Zambia Railways head of corporate Affairs Benson Ngula’s statement that Atanga resigned, insisting that he was fired and given ’90 days to vacate the office’.

Atanga, the losing 2011 PF Senanga constituency candidate is husband to Bridget, who was also fired by Lungu. Sources say that he is being victimised to block him from disclosing the theft of company money by PF and that Lungu wants a user friendly MD.

“They just want him to shut up but it is sad that they are now using the name of the dead person Elijah, who was such a good man to work with,” said the source.

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