Now Chibesakunda’s son grabs ‘Food Lovers Market’

Now Chibesakunda’s son grabs ‘Food Lovers Market’

loversActing Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda’s son Chita Chibesakunda has been embroiled in a legal case after he grabbed Food Lovers market from Martin Simumba.

Chita managed to grab the South African Franchise based at Levy Junction just by telling his mother and other PF officials that  Simumba is an MMD supporter  and the Food Lovers belongs to the opposition MMD.

Simumba went to court a year ago but the case has not even been allocated to a judge courtesy of Chita’s mother.

‘The acting chief justice has sent shivers among judges as almost none has the courage to handle the case, the Watchdog has been told.

“This matter has been in court for one year and every judge is fearing to handle it because Lombe Chibesakunda is interfering. Whoever might attempt to handle this matter risks burning his fingers. Imagine this matter has taken over a year,” the source close to the transaction has said.

Lombe Chibesakunda has in the recent past come under heavy attack for holding the office of chief justice illegally after reaching retirement age, but she has forcibly held on to the position which she has been using to pass irregular judgements in favour of the ruling PF and their allies.

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