Now Chikwanda faces tribunal

Things are moving very fast. Fred M’membe is out to cripple any opposition to his puppet president Guy Scott.

Richard Luonde, the disgraced former Anglican priest is in Lusaka organizing lawyers to set up a tribunal against Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda over mining taxes and issues relating to Chikwanda’s companies.

Luonde was seen in Lusaka on Wednesday going from one law firm to the other trying to hire lawyers to draft summons against Chikwanda.

This is part of M’membe, Kabimba, DPP Mutembo Nchito and attorney- general Musa Mwenye (Mwenye is a relative of Sylvia Masebo. They both come from Choongwe) to use fear and force against senior PF members opposed to the rule of the cartel.

The M’membe led cartel does not have sufficient numbers in the PF central committee (the body that will choose the PF candidate for the by-election) to carry the day. It is the cartel’s plan to use all sorts of underhand methods to guarantee that M’membe’s will prevails in PF. While people like Chikwanda, Geoffrey Mwamba and other will be dealth with by the ‘law’, other central committee members will be paid off and promised jobs in the ‘new era’.

The Zambian Watchdog actually feels sorry for Guy Scott. He is being forced to fight and just like Sata, he is held captive. It is hoped that Guy Scott won’t be bruised at the end of the day.

The Watchdog will continue providing timely, accurate updates of developing news and events, just like we have been doing from 2008. We shall continue revealing things to come even before they materialize.

Just a reminder of major things we told you in advance:
We told you that president Michael Sata was sick and may not finish his term of office. Some argued and insulted us. But we were not discouraged because we are journalists. We are not moved by emotions. We shall stick to our article provided we are convinced that it is substantially true.

We told you there were divisions in PF and that Wynter Kabimba was leading a cartel with M’membe, some argued and insulted us. But we were and are not bothered.

We gave you a copy of the draft constitution many moons away. Just last week, the government released the exact copy.

We told you that if Sata died, Scott would overrun Edgar Lungu to take over the presidency. Some insulted us. We stuck to our revelations.

Now we are telling you that Scott is a puppet president, the ruler is Fred M’emmbe, you can insult and argue if you want.






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