Now corrupt safari owner seeks to meet new tourism minister

Eastern Safaris director Yousuf Zumla is said to be making serious efforts to meet Tourism and Arts minister Jean Kapata so that he can manipulate her the way he did  her predecessor Sylvia Masebo, sources at the ministry have said.

Zumla, regarded in the Tourism industry as the chief advisor for Masebo wants to meet Kapata so that his agenda of controlling the happenings in the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) is not stopped.

“This is the same person that misled Masebo to fire the ZAWA employees and cancel the safari tenders and now he has been wanting to get at Kapata. From the time she was appointed minister he has been making frantic efforts to meet her but Jean should be very careful with Zumla,” said the source.

The source further said that Zumla wants to continue controlling ZAWA through his close associates like Vice president Guy Scott. When then acting director general Zen Vlahakis was fired and Masebo dropped by President Sata, Zumla on both occasion wept uncontrollably like a young boy.

The source said apart from wanting to control the happenings in ZAWA, Zumla owes the authority more than US $ 300,000 in concession fees accumulated for over ten years.

“Imagine this man wants this US$300,000 debt written off and Jean should really avoid this man if she is to avoid being misled like the case was with Masebo,” he said.

The sources said Zumla believes that with the intervention of Kapata, ZAWA could  forgive him of the US $ 300,000 debt he owes through his other companies Anna Tree Lodge in Lower Zambezi and another Lodge called Mushika lodge also in lower Zambezi,.

Zumla owes ZAWA through among others, escort fees, variable fees, fixed fees and direct deposit invoices

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