Now Czech President writes to Sata over ‘spies’

Now Czech President writes to Sata over ‘spies’

Czech President Vaclav Klaus

Czech President Vaclav Klaus has asked his Zambian counterpart Michael Sata for a quick and just solution in the case of three Czech men accused of espionage in the African country.

Jiri Cetl, Jan Coufal and Michal Veber allegedly took photographs of a military base and air force headquarters in Lusaka during a tourist trip in October.

The men, who deny any wrongdoing, are free on bail but can’t leave the country. They face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

Czech Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Galuska has traveled to Zambia in a diplomatic effort to solve the case.

The Czech president said in a letter to Sata that he was sure the three did not intend to break Zambian law. The letter was released Friday.


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