Now Daily Mail claims Henry Banda is back in SA

The government controlled Zambia Daily Mail claims that the son of former President Rupiah Banda, Henry, has resurfaced in South Africa. According to the Daily Mail, another eye witness told them on Monday that he saw Henry having dinner at Signature Restaurant located in the up-market Johannesburg’s Morningside Shopping Centre last Wednesday clearly relaxed as if it was business as usual.
“Yes I saw him. I know him and the wife,” the eye witness said, “so I am surprised that there is massive speculation about where he is. Henry is here (Johannesburg) but I am not willing to go on record with this.”
The eye witness expressed frustration at the pace investigations were going even after an international warrant of arrest was issued.
He said “the Zambian investigative wings should develop more sophistication instead of relying on hearsay. In fact, they don’t even need to have too much sophistication to crack this case open”.
“The guy lives here as a free man. It’s so frustrating watching all of this knowing that if I wander around Sandton Mall even this week, I will bump into him,” the witness retorted.
The source said if Zambian authorities are serious about arresting Henry, they do not need to look further than South Africa.

The Watchdog reported in January that Henry Banda has always been in South Africa but as a businessman, he travels in and out.

The Zambia police knows that Henry is in South Africa but are failing to get him because the South African government has refused to cooperate. The Zambian cops can not arrest any person in a foreign jurisdiction without the cooperation of that country or they can themselves be arrested and charged with abduction.


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