Now FAZ panics over Bonneti’s money

When former Chipolopolo coach Dario Bonetti threatened to take the  Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) to FIFA for wrongful dismissal, they dismissed the threat as rantings of a frustrated person.FAZ was not even represented at the FIFA hearing when the matter was tabled. Now that FAZ has been ordered to pay Bonneti almost K2 billion, FAZ in panicking.

Now they say they are  consulting their lawyers on the verdict passed by FIFA to pay the  former national team trainer US$382,000

FAZ general secretary George Kasengele said in Lusaka yesterday that the association has tabled the matter before its lawyers, who are expected to give guidance.
“Yes, we received communication from FIFA and we are consulting our lawyers. I do not want to deal with this matter anymore,” Kasengele said.
In response to a press query last week, FIFA confirmed that a judge of the players’ status committee ruled that FAZ should pay Bonetti US$382,000. It said the decision was not yet final.
“We can confirm that a decision was passed by the single judge of the Players’ Status Committee in the matter at stake on 19 March 2013. The findings of the decision were notified to the parties this week [last week]. According to the said decision, the Football Association of Zambia has to pay compensation in the amount of US$382,000 to the coach, Dario Bonetti.
“The Football Association of Zambia made use of its right to ask for the grounds of the decision. The decision is thus not yet final and binding,” FIFA said.
Bonetti, who was national team coach between June 2010 and October 2011, was dismissed barely 48 hours after qualifying Zambia for the 2012 Africa Cup, which the Chipolopolo won.
He, however, appealed against unfair dismissal.

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