Now former illegal ministers blame Lungu for their mess


Former ministers who were kept in the office illegally by PF Presidential candidate Edgar Lungu have now blamed him for throwing them into a debt trap, following the constitutional court judgment yesterday that they held office illegally and must pay back all the money they illegally earned.

“Lungu is a lawyer and he kept assuring us that we were safe. We earned salaries, allowances and used resources for the party benefit but now we shall be made to pay individually. I think this is the mwamoneni that Mr. Kambwili was talking about,” cried one minister.

And a source at cabinet office says over K18m has been used in financing the illegal ministers and their deputies during the near three months they have been in office illegally.

In spite of the warning against keeping the ministers illegally in office.

“About K100,000 is gobbled by each minister and deputy every month in salary, allowances and basic costs so multiply that by the total number of ministers and  their deputies and then by three months,” said the well placed source.

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