Now Govt fails to fund repatriation

The Zambian government has become so broke that it has now failed to fund the Public Service Management Division to repatriate retirees and those who have been re-called from Diplomatic services. A source from Cabinet Office has disclosed that the treasury has failed to fund repatriation for a number of people who have retired from public service. ” This government is broke. There is no money right now. We can not even repatriate retirees. It is so sad that the government can not swallow its pride and tell the nation the truth. Even those who have been recalled from diplomatic service have not been paid” the source said.

The source said the only money guaranteed for now is that of constitutional funding that include by-elections. The source said this is the more reason why Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda wants increased domestic borrowing. “Are you aware that right now this government even has problems with printing of Payslips. Imagine payslip printing is now an issue” the source said. The source said the development has led to commercial banks also rethinking about lending to civil servants.”That story you wrote about commercial banks having problems lending to civil servants is very true. The government is deducting money but not remitting that money to commercial banks” the source said

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