Now govt rushes to give Sondashi formula K800 million

After being informed that the South African government is working on the Sondashi formulae, the PF Government has given a grant of K800 million to the Sondashi Formula 2000 (SF2000) to allow researchers in the country conduct human trials within Zambia to determine whether the local herbal medicine is able to cure HIV and AIDS.

The National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research (NISIR) in conjunction with the Tropical Disease Research Centre (TDRC) has been tasked to conduct the study and come up with recommendations to government.

The studies are expected to take about six months but preliminary reports are expected to be released after 90 days of the research.

The K800 million grant has since been signed between government through the National Science and Technology Council, the National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research and Dr Ludwig Sondashi, the inventor and founder of the SF2000.

Speaking at the signing ceremony which was held at the National Science and Technology Council offices in Lusaka this morning Dr Sondashi hailed government for the commitment in finding the cure for AIDS.

Dr Sondashi, who is president for Forum for Democratic Alternatives (FDA) and a Lusaka based lawyer, said his medicine is better than ARVs and the decision by government to support it is a move in the right direction as it will be proved as cure.

He said the medicine has been exposed to laboratory tests both in South Africa and America and proven to be an effective cure.

He disclosed that the late President, Levy Mwanawasa, tasked him to cure 6 people who were positive which he did and was subjected to a trial by Dr Patrick Chikusu, who is now Deputy Minister of Health, but his recommendations were not taken seriously.

“It is science talking, not me. Science has shown that this medicine works and people I have administered this medicine to have been healed. It kills the virus and reduces the viral load. I gave my medicine to one person who had 10,000 viruses which reduced to 400 after one month.” Dr Sondashi remarked.

He said the formula is a Zambian bio-diversity and Zambian knowledge which should benefit Zambians first before other countries access it.

Recently, South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) announced that laboratory tests on the Sondashi anti-HIV/AIDS herb has shown anti-HIV activity and that it was now ready for clinical tests on humans.

The announcement was made by CSIR’s Biosciences Executive Director, Joe Molete and Technology Platform Manager, Vinesh Maharaj when Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Muyeba Chikonde, conducted a familiarization tour of that country’s largest research institute, CSIR.

Both the National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research Director, Prof Francis Tembo and the National Science and Technology Council Programme Development and Implementation Manager Dr Alfred Sumani commended Dr Sondashi for his invention despite his not being a University researcher.

Dr Sumani stated that government has shown its commitment by parting away with K800 million to sponsor the trials and hoped that it will succeed and benefit all Zambians.


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