Now I understand why Lubinda was clobbered’

Now I understand why Lubinda was clobbered’


I did not understand why PF members had beaten up Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda, until I read his brain child the constitution amendment bill of 2019. Although Given Lubinda’s treachery is legendary, Givens Constitution amendment bill displays the depravity, contempt, sheer hatred he has for the people of Zambia.
For all the years I have followed the constitution making process in Zambia. I have never come across such a petty, hollow, mumbled, confused piece of legislation.
A drunken lame duck would have come up with a better bill than the pitiful one we have before parliament today!
Constitution making process is a very serious process. It is therefore cardinal that our leaders approach the process with due gravity.
Constitutions are building blocks upon which nations are built. Thoughtless, divisive constitutions give birth to anarchy, poverty and lawlessness.
What Zambia needs today is not an IMF bailout. What we need is a leadership bailout. A leadership that is selfless, hardworking, humble and fights corruption.
What is happening with our constitution making process today is not different from allowing small children play with matches at a filling station!

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    Lusaka 1 week ago

    Thus kind of criticism is nonsense. No substance in the article. Please just becsuse you know how to type is not a passport for you to be writing useless things on social media.

    • comment-avatar

      Be objective and magnanimous.Show how on the other side of the cup you think that piece of legislation is profound. Don’t be petty……

  • comment-avatar
    John Phiri 1 week ago

    Chibe chibe sounds like Given Lubunda himself.

  • comment-avatar
    Chibe chibe 2 weeks ago

    I have also never come across such a petty, hollow, criticism of anyone as this. You ve just put together negative and insulting words with no substance, examples of what you are criticizing or alternative solutions

  • comment-avatar
    Tasila 2 weeks ago

    Given Lubinda no fixed abode no wonder he wants to sell zambia 

  • comment-avatar
    jasontchembo 2 weeks ago

    Viva PF cadres!