Now Kabimba incites Kabwata PF to rise against Lubinda

Now Kabimba incites Kabwata PF to rise against Lubinda


The Patriotic Front (PF) Kabwata Constituency has filed a petition demanding the immediate removal of area Member of Parliament Given Lubinda as their representative.

But the Watchdog is fully infomred that the petition was initiated and sponsored by Justice minister Wynter Kabimba who is managing the move on behalf of prwsident Michael Sata.

Sata is in turn clearing the way for former dictator’ son Panji Kaunda to take over as his successor.

In a petition handed over to PF Lusaka District chairperson, Goodson Banda, in Lusaka  on Monday, Kabwata Constituency chairperson David Silubanji denounced Mr Lubinda accusing him of failing the Constituency.

Lubinda arealdy faces disciplinary charges  for alleged treachery after PF Secretary General and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba gave him a seven-day ultimatum to exculpate himself which had since elapsed.

“We have decided to recall and withdraw our support from Hon. Given Lubinda to be our MP following reasons that require further investigation so that ultimately power remains with people and allegiance of members to the party and not a dishonest individual,” Mr Silubanji said.

Silubanji accused Mr Lubinda of not visiting his Constituency to perform and participate in party activities since being re-elected as MP last year.

He alleged that Lubinda had not been helpful to the party on empowerment in areas such as job creation projects and skills training.

His also disclosed that Mr Lubinda had withdrawn financial support to the operations and management of the Constituency.

Other reasons cited, were Mr Lubinda’s alleged involvement in manipulating the election of district officials and influencing ward councilors not to respect and work with the party.

“His continued dark corner friendship with UPND, MMD, other individuals and groupings that threatens the confidentiality of our privileges as members of the PF and his decision to include relatives and friends who are not PF officials to go for training abroad at the expense of our members who fought for the 2011 election victory,” he added.

Silubanji further accused Lubinda of selfishness in the manner he acquired a piece of land and that the plot had now expanded and was encroaching on land reserved for roads.

He said Lubinda had no formal relationship with PF structures and organs and had refused to attend constituency meetings.

“We ask for divorce to be granted and thank you for listening to us,” Silubanji said.

The petition was also sent to President Michael Sata, Kabimba and the central committee.

And receiving the petition, Banda promised to forward the petition through the laid down structures of the PF.

“This should be a lesson to all the MPs that they should be visiting their Constituencies. I will take the petition through the laid-down procedure so that it is heard,” Mr Banda said.

Lubinda is accused of leaking vital PF information to to the Zambian Watchdog and Daily Nation as well as collaboration with the troubled opposition MMD and United Party for National Development (UPND).

The Watchdog revealed on Monday that the move to expel Lubinda is meant to remove all credible and potential presidential challegers in the PF in order to leave the ground for Panji Kaunda.

Former Zambian dictator has convinced president Sata to annount thethe son of the man who ruled Zambia for 27 years under a state of emergency.

Kaunda was forced out of power due to food shortages in 1991. He did not leave of his free will and has always wanted to bounce back in power somehow.

Kenneth Kaunda, according to UNIP  sources, is still bitter that he lost power in such humilitiating circumstaces without leaving his chosen heir.

Kaunda also feel bad and is seen like a failure by his contemparies in the region because, his party UNIP, is one of the very few liberation movements in the Southern Africa  region that was kicked out of power.

Apart from that party of Kamuzu Banda in Malawi  all independence movements in the region are still in power.

South Africa is still being ruled by ANC, Namibia by SWAPO, Angola by MLPA, Mozambique by FRELIMO, Zimbabwe by ZANU-PF and Botswana by Botswana Democratic Party founded 50 years ago by Seretse Kharma.

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