Now Kabimba and Mmembe plots for Masebo to be vice-president

Now Kabimba and Mmembe plots for Masebo to be vice-president

maseboAfter learning that Muchinga Chiefs have prevailed on ailing president Michael Sata to handover power to his uncle Alexander Chikwanda should it become necessary, Wynter Kabimba, Fred Mmembe and group have come up with another scheme.

Kabimba’s team is now scheming  how to hound out ceremonial vice President Guy Scott from cabinet and replace him with Arts and Tourism minister Sylvia Masebo. So far three ministers have been linked to the plan.

The three are Commerce Trade and Industry minister Emmanuel Chenda, Justice minister Wynter Kabimba and Masebo herself, the trio that worked with Sata in local government and have the support of Post newspaper owner Fred Mmembe.

The scheme is in such a way that once Sata, whose health is deteriorating resigns or dies or what whatever happens first, Masebo as  Vice president would easily hand over power to Kabimba who would contest during the presidential by-election.

“If you remember these ministers worked with Sata in local government and they are planning to hound Scott and replace him with Masebo. Once Sata dies or resigns, Masebo would give up power to Wynter.

This scheme is well calculated because first  they want to show an impression that Scoot was the first Muzungu to be Vice in Zambia and later on Masebo will be the first female vice president,” PF insider have said.

The three minister are also alleging that Scott was too old to carry out his duties as Vice and therefore of the view that somebody young and energetic should take over.

“President Sata is not doing anything and his vice is also too old and tired so they want somebody with energy and they have settled for Masebo If you have seen her behavior lately, Masebo has unlimited powers, she can do anything that she wants because she knows she has the support of the big guys in the party,” said the source.

Part of the scheme which has so far worked involved installation of Chieftainess Nkomeshya as House of Chiefs chairperson so that she can quietly lobby fellow traditional leaders to endorse the scheme.

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