Now Kabimba seeks to expel Given Lubinda for leaking information to Watchdog, Daily Nation

Now Kabimba seeks to expel Given Lubinda for leaking information to Watchdog, Daily Nation

Given Lubinda

PF secretary-General Wynter Kabimba has given foreign affairs minster Given Lubinda a seven days ultimatum to exculpate himself or face expulsion from the ruling party.

In his letter to Lubinda, Kabimba accuses Lubinda of leaking confidential information to the Zambian Watchdog  and the Daily Nation newspapers as well as the opposition.

According to ZNBC news monitored in Lusaka this afternoon, Kabimba also accuses Lubinda of being disloyal to the party.

Recently while opening the Lusaka PF provincial consultative forum, the all powerful Justice Minister alleged that there were some senior party leaders, including cabinet ministers that were disloyal to the party and were working with the opposition.

Lubinda is the current Zambian Foreign Affairs Minister and the second one to be targeted by Mr. Kabimba for disciplining after Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

In the party, Kabimba has also suspended former Home Affairs minister in the MMD government, Lameck Mangani together with his group in Eastern province.

As the battle for presidential succession intensifies in the PF, Watchdog sources say there are more senior leaders that have been targeted by Kabimba so that he remains the clear favourite.

Part of the letter to Lubinda read:

“I have received adverse reports against you  from members of the PF including MPs regarding acts of disloyalty to the ideals of the party by you as a member. It is alleged that you have been actively working and, or collaborating with some members of the opposition in the MMD and UPND with the intention of discrediting the party’s decisions and policies and hence bringing the name and image of the party in disrepute.

“It is further alleged that you have been responsible for planting some of the adverse articles in the Daily Nation newspaper against the party and its leadership. In your collaboration with some opposition MPs you have been responsible for leaking confidential information to them which information came into your possession as a senior member of the party.

“Such information has been regularly posted by your collaborators or yourself on the Zambian Watchdog so as to discredit the image of the party and its leadership. Your alleged acts are in breach of your obligation as a member under the party Constitution for which the party intends to institute disciplinary action against you. In view of the foregoing I would be obliged to receive from you an exculpatory statement within seven days from the date hereof for reference to the disciplinary committee for consideration and determination of this matter.”

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