Kabimba hits Luapula province campaigning

Kabimba hits Luapula province campaigning

Former PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba has stepped up his presidential campaigns in Luapula province where he has been holding some dark corner meetings and bribing PF officials.

Two days ago Kabimba and Luapula province PF chairman Nixon Chilangwa were in Mansa where they sought to meet businessmen from the small chamber of commerce but were snubbed as the businessmen did not see it prudent to meet Kabimba at this time.

Yesterday Kabimba and Chilangwa were in Chienge and together with district chairman a Mr. Chisanga were strategizing for the forthcoming PF convention and paying huge sums of money to some party officials who are earmarked to attend the convention.

And sources have also told the Watchdog that Post newspapers owner Fred M’membe has brokered a deal with Miles Sampa so that he can work with Kabimba and in return, he would be offered a good job should Kabimba win the PF and republican presidency. Sampa has however said he will only get involved after Sata’s burial.

Known or unknown to the Cartel, Sampa is also campaigning for the presidency.

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