Now Kabimba threatens his juniors to clear him or face court action

Now Kabimba threatens his juniors to clear him or face court action

Kabimba swearing to uphold rule of law before Sata

Embattled Justice minister Winter Kabimba has now written to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), a government institution which falls under his ministry pressuring them to make public findings of preliminary investigations of corruption case against.

In a clear case of interference, Mr. Kabimba is quoted by his sponsors at the Post newspaper as threatening his juniors with a writ of Mandamamus in the High Court to compel them (ACC) to publicise their findings of preliminary investigations.

In a letter dated October 31, 2012, sent to his subordinate, Rosewin Wandi, the ACC General Director he employed, Mr. Kabimba said the preliminary investigations could not take seven days if they were a serious institution that is supposed to win the confidence of the Zambian public and other stakeholders.

Sometime last month, the Post newspaper prematurely cleared their preferred candidate, Kabimba, of any wrong-doing but that was refuted by the ACC who insisted that they were still investigating.

In the same article, the Post newspaper had found defence minister, Geoffrey Mwamba Bwalya (GBM), with a case to answer over allegations of soliciting for Zesco contract.

The PF compromised Post newspaper quotes Kabimba today as saying “In view of the above, unless I hear from you within seven days from the date hereof, whether as a suspect or otherwise, I shall proceed to apply for a Writ of Mandamus in the High Court to compel the ACC to tell the public the truth about its findings in this matter,” read Kabimba’s letter in part.

“I do not myself understand why this matter is taking long for you office to take the necessary steps to investigate and inform the public about the my alleged acts of corruption”, he wrote.

Mr. Kabimba has also challenged ACC to ask defence minister GBM to release a dossier on him about the oil contract.

Featuring on Radio Chengelo this week, Kabimba said GBM was not his friend as he (GBM) was merely a new comer into the PF party.

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