Now Kabwe DC blamed, four year old girl, granny teargassed in students’ protest

Kabwe District Commissioner Patrick Chishala has been blamed by students of Kabwe Institute of Technology for their riotous behaviour which has also led into a 4 year old girl and her 70 year old grandmother teargassed by police.

This evening, Chishala was scheduled to address the protesting students as he promised but instead sent a word with police that he was not coming.
The move angered the students who immediately became riotous and in the process Esther Simasiku aged four years and her 70 year old grandmother suffered the fate when a teargas cannister landed at their house in the neighbouring Kawama compound as police were pursuing the students.

“All we wanted was to have our complaints officially addressed by the DC, in the morning he promised us that he would come back at 17:00hrs but after waiting for over twelve hours, he sent police to say he is not coming… he is responsible for all this mess up here, we are suffering a lot and we dare the police to move in, we will stone them,” said the students.

Watchdog investigations reveal that Chishala was feasting at Tuskers hotel after the ‘World day against child labour’ commemorations at Chitalu stadium and becomes the second government official to cowardly fear to face Kabwe students.

Last month, Justice minister and PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba declined to face protesting Mulungushi University students  barely a week after ailing dictator Michael Sata addressed a rally of his minsiters urging them to explain government programmes to the people.

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