Now Kabwe police officer assaults woman, high command shields him

Central province police command led by Lombe Kamukoshi and aided by his second Division criminal investigations officer (2nd DCIO) a Mr. Timba have continued to withhold the identity of a policeman who entered the house of a woman and assaulted her.

On 10th December last year an unnamed police officer but of Kabwe Central police station stormed the house of Grace Kavimba of Kamushanga compound claiming he was looking for ‘suspects’ and when he couldn’t get what he wanted he resorted to beating her thereby causing her injury before he fled the scene.

The matter was reported to Kabwe Central police station where she was issued with a medical report as police promised to deal with the named officer who was identified but to date nothing has been done to him.

When pressed by the media for a comment, Kamukoshi referred all queries to her deputy Yobe Luhana who is new in his position. Kamukoshi and Timba have in the recent past been linked to corrupt activities of protecting criminals, as evidenced in the matter of the Malcolm Moffat College Principal Maxwell Sikwela who threatened to harm a student who rejected his sexual manoeuvres.

Between December and January this year, there has been numerous brutal attacks on citizens, some leading to death by PF cadre infused into the police service with no disciplinary action being carried out by authorities. Garce’s brother Nivea Kavimba, who reported to police is demanding for justice but Luhana has directed him to report to police public complaints authority without even giving him the full details of the erring officer.

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