Now Kambwili calls for central committee to sort out PF Presidency

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili is now calling on Acting President Guy Scott to call for a central committee meeting to chart the way forward on the PF presidency.
Kambwili was one of the presidential aspirants participating in the Guy Scott organised ‘parallel’ national conference and even presented his manifesto to the delegates were he claimed to have excelled in all his ministerial appointments under late president Michael Sata.
Kambwili however later withdrew from the race claiming that both conferences did not meet the requirements as per PF constitution.
Kambwili said he did not want to be part of an illegality and further said there are two camps in the PF but did not belong to any faction.
Kambwili said Guy Scott should urgently convene a central committee meeting to sort out the party presidency.
Agriculture Minister Wilbur Simusa on his part said he withdrew from the race to maintain party unity.
And Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda said he withdrew from the race because he did not support a process that may split the party.
He said if the process that elected Edgar Lungu was fraudulent based on the irregular accreditation of delegates then the second (parallel) conference was equally not fair because the same process of accreditation was used.

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