Now Kapata bans other parties from going to Luapula province; it is PF bedroom

Tourism minister and PF elections chairperson Jean Kapata has instructed PF officials in Luapula province not to tolerate any other party from going to campaign there because it was the ruling party’s ‘bedroom’. Kapata’s remarks come barely days after President Lungu directed his senior officials from preaching tribalism.

Kapata was speaking at Henry Court yard lodge in Mansa when she addressed party officials from Bahati and Mansa Central constituencies. She said that there should not be any other party that should get votes from Luapula province.

Kapata also said that in the event that the party faced a challenge in the 11th August they knew where to get the winning votes from, in apparent reference to the rigging manoeuvres on Chisenga and kilwa Islands and along the Luapula valley where foreign nationals have been registered and urged to vote for PF.

However a source from within the meeting told the Watchdog that Kapata’s comments have been dismissed because the people there have resolved to vote PF out in the 11th August tripartite elections. The source further said that most of the people that turned up just went there to drink the beer and eat the food that was on offer.

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