Now Lungu involves ZEMA in persecuting M’membe

Now Lungu involves ZEMA in persecuting M’membe

img-20170223-wa0036Desperate Zambian President Edgar Lungu has now involved another statutory body Zambia Environmental Management Agency – ZEMA in his continued persecution of Post newspapers owner Dr. Fred M’membe and his wife Mutinta.

Lungu has directed ZEMA now to prefer charges against him for operating a printing machine in a residential area. ZEMA senior Inspector Christopher Kanema has since been issued with an express warrant of access so that he can go and enter the M’membes residence.

According to PF insiders, Lungu has been tipped that Dr. M’membe is likely to put up a very strong battle and possibly involve international arbitration to reclaim his newspaper company which he built over a period of over 25 years and so now he wants to use ZEMA.

It is predetermined that M’membe will be found wanting for ‘polluting’ the environment even when modern technology has less emissions. He will be fined heavily or even threatened with a jail sentence as stated under the ZEMA Act.

“The President has been tipped that M’membe is putting up a very strong legal fight as he returns and possibly may involve international arbitration in his quest to reclaim his company and that means government will compensate him heavily so now Lungu wants to bring in ZEMA to claim that he was polluting the environment but then even at Bwinjimfumu where the other printers are is a residential area, so this is fishing in the air,” said the source.

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