Now Lungu orders police to question HH at Woodlands police

Now Lungu orders police to question HH at Woodlands police

11034229_911970685520349_110292917769623097_nPolice have summoned opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema for possible arrest tomorrow at Woodlands police station at 10:00 hours despite not finding anything during the raid at his residences this morning.

And OP and Police sources have revealed that Edgar Lungu was extremely upset this morning when police and other security wings briefed him that they drew a blank at Mr. Hichilema’s residencies as he (Lungu) is determined to charge his main opponent (Hichilema) for treason charges that carry a death sentence if convicted.

Mr. Hichilema’s lawyers have confirmed the summoning of their client at Woodlands Police in what is likely to be another confrontation as UPND supporters are mobilizing themselves to defend their leaders, especially in the light of the death of a colleague Glyzer Mapata who was killed by PF thugs.

Lungu personally ordered the probe and arrest of Mr. Hichilema yesterday during swearing-in ceremony of Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima.

“Our boss has always been looking for anything he can incarcerate Mr. Hichilema with a view knock him out of next year’s presidential race which he (Lungu) only won by a narrow one percent margin after cooking up figures. When he (Lungu) heard about HH’s statement he became a bit excited and told Daily Nation proprietor Richard Sakala to amplify the story. That’s how Sakala amplified the story in his paper despite reporters protesting. Later Lungu ordered the police to arrest HH and the instructions should have been executed last Friday. But police advised Lungu that the case was not going anywhere,” OP sources have revealed.

Sources revealed that after the search this morning, another meeting was convened where Lungu was briefed that nothing incriminating has been discovered at Hichilema’s Kabulonga and New Kasama residences.

But Lungu ordered that Hichilema be summoned with the possibility of slapping him a none-bailable offence of treason that carries a death sentence if convicted.

This whole scheme was well planned when Lungu met heads of Intelligence and security wings from DRC, Zimbabwe, and Angola during his vacation in Mfuwe.

And local intelligence wings have also told Lungu that as long as Mr. Hichilema survives till next year’s elections, Lungu will have a tough time because he is unlikely to implement any significance projects that can win him an election owing to the bankruptcy PF government.

“In fact, if you check now, almost all the contractors have so far demobilized from the road projects as well as other infrastructure. The economy is likely be worse owing to poor yield by farmers that may result to hunger. All these factors plus wage freeze have made Lungu an extremely insecure president who is likely to rule by brutality and suppression. That’s why he brought Charity Katanga to head the Lusaka Police Command,” OP sources have disclosed.

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