Now Lungu panics after Mulungushi textiles reopening lie

PF presidential candidate Edgar Lungu is now in state of panic after making a careless statement under influence of alcohol that Mulungushi textiles will reopen on 1st August.

“First and foremost he didn’t know that 1st August is a public holiday (farmers’ day), and he has never taken interest to have deep understanding of the Mulungushi problem but just spoke on impulse. So yesterday he called Mulusa and some ministers and asked for solutions after it was apparent that the industry can’t reopen just impromptu,” said the source who attended the meeting.

To cover up Lungu has since dispatched fallen businessman Austin Chewe to Kabwe with huge sums of money to bribe youths so that they get drunk on Monday and forget about the Mulungushi textiles lie. Chewe is also expected to address a press briefing with central province permanent secretary Daisy Ngambi this evening on the ‘eve if reopening the Mulungushi textiles’.


Watchdog advise to Kabwe people: Austin Chewe is lodging at Nyaka lodge near the mine hospital and swimming pool so wherever you can see him try and get as much money from him because he is carrying plenty but tomorrow turn up at Mulungushi textiles and demand for the 2,500 jobs Lungu promised.

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