Now Lungu, PF secretly meeting and bribing UPND candidates

Now Lungu, PF secretly meeting and bribing UPND candidates

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.04.00After having failed to entice many UPND adopted candidates not to file in their nominations, President Edgar Lungu and his PF inner circle have now started secretly meeting some adopted candidates fishing out money so that these candidates do not go out campaigning for their party leader Hakainde Hichilema. 

After we exposed the scam where some adopted candidates shouldn’t have gone to file their papers, most of them grew cold feet and only Joseph Chilambwe implemented the PF plan , but the UPND was ahead of the game and  quickly pushed in some one else to contest the Roan constituency in Luanshya. That is why they say information is power; UPND knew Chilambe was a traitor and receiving money from Chishimba Kambwili so had plan B. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about PF as we clearly saw in the case of ministers John Phiri and Syambyakula.

Now Lungu wants the traitors just to receive money and not giving it out to their campaign operatives so as to frustrate the UPND campaigns but a senior UPND official has told the Watchdog that a plan to counter such evil plans has also been put in place.

“Hahahaha, so you know there are such desperate manoeuvres by PF? Well I can tell you that the PF themselves leaked that plan and we are monitoring all the targeted candidates, we know where they are meeting and who they are meeting but we have plan B even in that area,” confidently said the source who also availed the list to this publication.

We challenge PF and Lungu to refute this, then we can produce the list and all the details.

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