Now Lungu threatens diplomats for visiting HH

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu has personally been phoning and summoning some diplomats who visited  Hakainde Hichilema and had luncheon at his residence. The Turkish ambassador has been particularly singled out and told to write a letter to recant and downplay the significance of the visit.

Sources at State House and Zambian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have revealed that there was total panic on Lungu’s government on the diplomats visit to Mr. Hichilema house.

The UPND leader invited and hosted a number of African, European, South American, Asian, and other heads of international organisations during which he engaged them on various issues pertaining to governance and economic issues in the country including on the upcoming elections.

But clearly the acceptance has not gone well with Lungu and his PF leadership that they are in some cases even threatening some of them to cancel the contracts and contractors in which the PF regime has engaged their nationals.

“Can you imagine it some cases Lungu has even been calling their ministries of foreign affairs with a view to censure their diplomats. But of course many of them have refused and insisted that the visit was a normal consultative process,” sources revealed.

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