Now Lungu wants HH out of the way

Now Lungu wants HH out of the way

Forged president Edgar Lungu has constituted a team headed by State House permanent secretary



Emmanuel Chilubanama to eliminate the true winner of the August 11 presidential elections.


Lungu is scared that as long as HakaindecHichilema remains alive, his ‘election’ will be challenged and he fears that the election petition in court may succeed.

Chilubanama is heading a team comprising Richard Chiselebwe a bomb expert working at State House and another operative named Nswana.

A source close to the plot said a group of thugs controlling Edgar Lungu are scared of what might happen to them if the ECZ’s declaration of Lungu as winner of the last election is nullified.

“These guys are believe that the petition will succeed and Edgar Lungu will be luck if he is even allowed to participate in the rerun. They want HH out of the way by all means. Chilubanama is overseeing the plot to get rid of HH,” the source said.

The source said a special armored vehicle with aerials has been trailing HH.

“Richard is an operative at the Red Brick specialised in bombs and has been recruited by Chilubanama.”

He said Kauser Zulu and Amos Chanda had proposed a snipper anytime HH goes out of his residence but Lungu scared that war might breakout in the already divided country okayed a more moderate plan of using an explosive that will be blamed on HH himself.

The source further said Edgar Lungu is so scared that he rounded up a number of returning officers and had a meeting with them today at State House

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