Now Lusaka hit with water shortages, people can’t even use toilets

A critical water shortage has hit most parts of Lusaka following the heavy loadshedding by the electricity company.
And heath experts have expressed concern with the water shortage warning that a disease outbreak is eminent.
According to a survey by the Watchdog on Wednesday, In Chilenje, Matero, Mutendere, Chawama, chelstone and Makeni Konga there has been no water for the past two days.
“We haven’t had water since Monday evening and the situation is very bad. You know in this area there are no bushes where people can help themselves,
“Even water for cooking is a problem,” Henry Mwamba a resident of Chelstone told the Watchdog.
Another resident of Chilenje Lwenje Kalaluka said the area had also no water for two days.
Meanwhile, sources at the Lusaka Water and a sewerage  company said the water shortage was as a result of the power loadshedding.
The sources said the situation was yet to get worse especially in October.
“Those with capacity to drill  boreholes should just do so because the situation is not likely to improve. We are also affected by the loadshedding, ” said the source.
Zambia has been hit by a severe deficit of power resulting  in heavy loadshedding.
Households and business premises have no power for eight hours everyday.

Health experts told the Watchdog that the persistent water shortage would cause some disease out break.
“Cholera is most likely going to break out with such a shortage of water, “

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