Now Malupenga and his PF to close UNZA radio

Now Malupenga and his PF to close UNZA radio

Malupenga was last year managing editor of Post newspaper

Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary, Amos Malupenga, has threatened to close UNZA radio for what he termed ‘championing partisan interests’.

Mr. Malupenga who himself championed PF partisan interests as Post Managing Editor until he was appointed by the Post newspaper controlled PF government made the threats when he summoned UNZA radio management at his office.

In a statement written for him to merely append his signature at the Ministry, Malupenga, with only a one-year journalism certificate from Evelyn Hone’s production unit (PU) part-time classes said the station should concentrate on teaching, without elaborating how UNZA teaching is done.

Last week, Malupenga restricted UNZA radio to broadcasting to classrooms and hostels only by reducing the operating radius of the radio station, which is the first time such an action was being taken in the history of community radio broadcasting in Zambia.

As opposition leader, PF president Sata promised to allow radio stations to expand their radius and frequency when in power.

Sata himself was a regular feature on UNZA radio where he constantly condemned the MMD government’s policies, but there were no threats to the radio station.

Two weeks ago, the PF government dismissed Evelyn Hone College Head of Media studies, Clayson Hamasaka when opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema, attempted to feature on the college’s radio station Hone FM, which Mr. Hamasaka was managing.

Malupenga also recently urged journalists to censor some opposition politicians who he did not want to hear.

This is when he officiated at a media workshop for journalists.

The PF government has also been critical of on-line publications, even those that have been in existence for many years.

Speaking when loitering while making allowances in London recently, Malupenga threatened close on-line publications, as if he had an idea how they are hosted.

Malupenga’s threats on on-line publications was followed by Silvia Masebo, the Tourism Minister, who said these were painting a bad picture on Zambia’s hosting of the World Tourism event to be jointly hosted by Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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