Now Masebo advised to sue Zambian Watchdog and Daily Nation

As if he has not misled her enough, Eastern Safari Director Yousuf Zumla is reported to have advised former Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo to sue the Zambian Watchdog and the Daily Nation Newspaper. According to a source close to Zumla and Masebo, Zumla has advised Masebo to sue the two media institutions for alleged defamation of character. Zumla has told Masebo that he will foot the legal bills.

“This Masebo can not learn a lesson, Zumla is the one who advised her to dissolve the Zambia Wildlife Authority(ZAWA), to fire senior managers and even cancel tenders because his company was not shortlisted. Now he is advising Masebo to sue the Zambian Watchdog and Daily Nation saying the two institutions portrayed Masebo as a criminal. He is the one who advised Masebo to sue William Harrington,” the source said.

The source said Zumla who had switched off his phones soon after the Roydah Kaoma tribunal report had been released to avoid Masebo’s phone calls has resurfaced. ” He has resurfaced from nowhere. He disappeared soon after Masebo was fired. Masebo was even complaining that people who encouraged” me” to take such a step are not even picking up calls. Now he is advising Masebo to sue and he has promised he will pay for legal bills,” the source said.

Masebo was dismissed last month for bring the name of the President into contempt, ridicule and disrespect after lying under oath that President Michael Sata is the one who advised her to dissolve the ZAWA board and fire senior managers without following procedure.   Masebo has already sued petitioner William Harrington for unspecified damages. Harrington is the one who asked the Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda to set up a tribunal to probe Masebo on allegations of breach of Ministerial Code of Conduct. The tribunal found Masebo guilty but ruled that she did not take pecuniary advantage.

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