Now Masebo blames tour operators for her dismissal

Former Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo is now reported to be blaming some tour operators for having misled her to dissolve the Zambia Wild Life Authority( ZAWA) board. A source very close to Masebo has disclosed that Masebo is blaming a Mr. Yosuf Zumla of Eastern Safaris, Mr. Fico Vidali of Sofram Safaris and John Duploy of Muchinga Adventures for having given her fake information that not only led her to dissolve the ZAWA board, but also cancel duly awarded hunting concession tenders and fire senior managers.

“I’m one of the many people who have spoken to Masebo after her dismissal. She is vey bitter about the three operators I have told you about. She says they misled her because she did not know that the three were interested parties because they applied for hunting concessions but the tender evaluation committee did not short list their companies” the source said.

The source said Masebo has also told close friends that she regrets having not listened to the Attorney General Mumba Malila and Former ZAWA Director General Edwin Matokwane’s counsel. ” She says she could have listened to the Attorney General and Matokwani who advised her that thev route she was taking was unlawful” the source said. Meanwhile, there are reports that a number of people from the wild life sector including families of the dismissed ZAWA workers celebrated when news broke out that Masebo had been fired. President Michael Sata yesterday dismissed Masebo for bring the name of the President into contempt, ridicule and disrepute when she lied under oath during the Roydah Kaoma tribunal that President Sata directed her to take the illegal actions she took on ZAWA.

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