Now Minister Chitotela accused of stealing toll gates fees

Now Minister Chitotela accused of stealing toll gates fees

Chitotela must explain why more toll plazas collected half the amount (K530million only)

Zambians are accusing the National Road Fund Agency ( NRFA) and Minister of Infrastructure of perfecting the theft of toll fees being collected.

When the first two toll plazas were set up(Manyumbi and Kafulafuta) they collected K1.1billion in ten months.

It must be noted that the toll charge was K10.00

In 2017, Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Kaoma Chitotela has announced that only  a paltry K530million was generated from toll fees giving us a drop in revenue of K570million.

This is despite the addition in toll plazas Shimabala and Katuba toll Plazas.

The fees were also raised by 100% for small cars to K20.

The following questions beg answers;

1- What factors could have led to such a drastic reduction in revenue despite increasing the fees and collection spots
2- How is this Control 99 (centralization of revenue) helping us ascertaining the efficiency of government institutions and or agencies?
3- What will be the significance of increasing toll plazas by 40 more (as per the Minister’s statement) if the status quo tell us of a reduction in revenue when an increase in fees and collection points?

Our humble submission is that Chitotela and his revenue collection team have perfected the art of stealing. We think that double or parallel receipts are being issued, cash revenue is being underbanked and the team has found a loophole in perfecting plunder of this public resource!

Mr. Chitotela answer!

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