Now M’membe wants to tamper with constitution, extend Scott’s rule to 2016

Information has emerged that the evil cartel led by Fred M’membe has become desperate and is now trying to amend the constitution to extend Guy Scott’s mandate to act as president to 2016.

The cartel has identified and is working with one named, treacherous UPND MP who has been tasked to push a private members’ bill in parliament to temper with the constitution.

Wynter Kabimba has been tasked by M’membe to lobby PF MPs especially the 13 lawmakers from Luapula province.

To amend the constitution, the cartel needs 106 MPs to vote ‘yes’. With opposition MPs such as the UPND MP who has agreed to work as useful idiot, it is possible that the cartel can succeed in parliament. It will now be up to the people to safeguard the constitution and say ‘no’ to any attempt to manipulate the law. Elections must be held within 90 days from the day president Sata was declared dead.

The cartel includes speaker of the national assembly Patrick Matibini who would gladly allow the motion to be introduced.

Among M’membe’s preferred candidates is Guy Scott, Wynter Kabimba, Emmanuel Chenda, (a Goba from Zimbabwe) and Secretary to cabinet Rowland Msiska.

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