Now Mosho threatens Chief Justice

Now Mosho threatens Chief Justice


Lusaka based conman but operating as a lawyer Lewis Mosho has given Chief Justice Irene Mambilina a 48 hour ultimatum to resign or be fired.

Sources in the judiciary say Mosho issued the ultimatum in a letter to the Chief Justice.

In the letter Mosho is demanding that the Chief Justice must furnish him (Mosho) with the reasons why she has been meeting Mr. Fred Mmembe of the now liquidated Post Newspapers.

The source said the action by Mosho to give an ultimatum to a sitting Chief Justice is unprecedented in the entire Commonwealth and civilised society.

” It has sent shock waves in the Supreme Court of Zambia and everybody is wondering as to how a senior lawyer who must understand the functions and duties of an independent judiciary can threaten a sitting Chief Justice with impunity,” the source said.

The source pleaded with the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) and other interest Civil Society Organisations like Transparency International and Africa Bar Association to take keen interest before the Zambian judiciary is dismantled by State sponsored criminals.

“We would want to know the relationship between the current Republican President Edgar Lungu and Lewis Mosho. The President will also do well to disclose what errands and business deals Mosho does on his behalf or indeed in his name,” the source said.

The source said it was now clear that whatever Mosho does has the blessings of the Republican President or State House.

In recent months Mosho has attempted to close FNB Bank, to disband the Financial Intelligence Centre and was also the main architect of the consent judgement between the Attorney General Chambers and Judge Sunday Nkonde who has been accused by Mr. Mmembe of professional misconduct in the manner the Post Newspapers has been liquidated.

” It’s important to be reminded that Mosho is the man behind the illegal closure of the Post Newspapers with the full support of State House,” the source said.

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