Now Mpulungu farmers also want their ‘money in their pockets’

Farmers in Mpulungu, Nothern Province, yesterday stormed the District Agriculture Coordinator’s office, Arnold Sinkamba, demanding to be paid their money for supply of maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).

The farmers threatened to beat up Mr. Sinkamba if they were not paid because their children were being sent away from schools.

The farmers also demanded that they get back their bags of maize if the PF government does not want to pay them so that they can sell it to private individuals as they are desperate for income.

The Mpulungu farmers have joined others in various parts of the country demanding to be paid their money for their agricultural produce before the on-set of the new season.

Yesterday, Agriculture Minister, Emmanuel Chenda, directed FRA to borrow money from any private bank to pay farmers as the ministry had no money them.

Late payment to farmers by the previous MMD government was one of the strong campaign messages by the PF government that made them win elections.

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