Now Muhabi blames UPND on draft constitution, says Lusambo is fake

MMD National Secretary Muhabi Lungu says Zambians should blame UPND and PF for the delayed enactment of the new constitution because they short it down in 2011.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Zambia Reports on Monday 18 August 2014, Mr. Lungu says time has come to defend the MMD from unwarranted attacks.

He said it was important that Zambians are reminded of what happened during the National Constitution Conference.

“Late President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa formed the NCC. The PF boycotted the NCC and its members who attended where suspended. The UPND participated,” Muhabi said.

“When President Mwanawasa died, President Rupiah Banda continued with the NCC and the Bill was shot down in parliament by the opposition. So people should not say MMD failed to enact a new constitution, because we attempted,” he said.

Mr. Lungu said PF will be clocking three years next month with no sign of a new constitution anywhere.

Meanwhile,  Muhabi said  he will on Wednesday  write to all media organisations in the country informing them that Mr. Bowman Lusambo does not represent MMD in any way.

Mr. Lungu who was reacting to Mr. Lusambo’s sentiments on Muvi Television’s Assignment programme when he said that the MMD Youths do not want Rupiah Banda back into politics.

Mr. Lungu said Lusambo was an incorrigible person who has continued impersonating himself as an “MMD Diehard Coordinator” when no such structure ever existed in the party.

“He is a very incorrigible person. He is just impersonating and the media has continued addressing him as die hard coordinator. There is no such structure. Actually tomorrow I will be writing to all media houses to put the record straight,” he said.

On reports about the comeback to active politics by Rupiah Banda, Mr. Lungu said Mr. Banda has never at anytime indicated that he would want to come back to active politics.

“I think we have all heard him say he wants to concentrate on his court cases and if they time comes he says so, we will put the proposal to our party structures. MMD is a democratic party,” he said.

On Sunday evening Lusambo verbally attacked Rupiah Banda saying he was too old for active politics.

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